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Category Archives: Gary Braunbeck

(SHADOWS OVER MAIN STREET: An Anthology of Small-Town Lovecraftian Terror, edited by Doug Murano & D. Alexander Ward, coming soon from Hazardous Press)

* * *

We’d like to welcome Gary Braunbeck to the Shadows Over Main Street anthology. “The Friendless Bodies of Unburied Men” is a tale of personal demons returning in the midst of a traveling carnival, a story which has previously been seen in in the renowned Cemetery Dance and other publications. It’s a raw and disturbing addition to the Shadows lineup and we are overjoyed to have Gary’s contribution among the pages.

Current Table of Contents: Chesya Burke, Mountaintown; James Chambers, Odd Quahogs; Tim Curran, The Thing with a Thousand Legs; T. Fox Dunham, The Flesh or the Father; Brian Hodge, This Stagnant Breath of Change; Kevin Lucia, The Black Pyramid; Adrian Ludens, Estranged; Nick Mamatas, Χταπόδι σαλάτα; Rena Mason, Red Hill; Lisa Morton, The Ogre; Aaron Polson, Undergrounders; Mary SanGiovanni, The Floodgates of Willow Hill; Lucy A. Snyder, The Abomination of Fensmere; Cameron Suey, The Crisis; John Sunseri, Homecoming; Richard Thomas, White Picket Fences; Jay Wilburn, Boss Cthulhu; Stephanie Wytovich, The 21st Century Shadow; Gary Braunbeck, The Friendless Bodies of Unburied Men

Cover art by Luke Spooner and interior illustrations by Galen Dara, Vincent Chong and Paul Carrick.