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The day has finally arrived when we can say that SHADOWS OVER MAIN STREET, an anthology of small-town Lovecraftian terror, is now available for order.

At the moment, only the Kindle version is up but we expect the paperback to be available any time:

Or just click on the cover!

ShadowsHiResIt features 20 stories and poems by some of today’s masters of contemporary horror and includes a foreword by the legendary Ramsey Campbell. With cover art by Luke Spooner, there is also artwork from top illustrators including Galen Dara and Vincent Chong among others, which will provide some eye candy in between stories.

Tell your friends. Tell your parents. Tell your neighbors, especially those weird cultists who rent that house down the street.

Invite them all into the shadows.

(SHADOWS OVER MAIN STREET: An Anthology of Small-Town Lovecraftian Terror, edited by Doug Murano & D. Alexander Ward, coming soon from Hazardous Press)

* * *

As you may know, in addition to assembling some fantastic dark fiction writers for the book, Hazardous Press has also done a bang-up job of pulling in some equally mind-blowing artistic talent to contribute illustrations for the book’s interior.

These artists are:

Paul Carrick:

Vincent Chong:

John Coulthart:

Galen Dara:

M. Fersner:

And, finally, we are able to give you a look at some of the interior artwork here…


Well, we did say “some” of it, didn’t we?

Without a doubt, the quality of the art is on par with the quality of the stories you will find in the book, so to see all of the pieces in their entirety, you’ll need to snag a copy of the book when it’s out.

When will that be, you ask? Don’t fret, friends, you won’t have to wait until the stars are right.